UQU’s Response to Flood Affected Students

The UQ Union has been here for students during the recent Brisbane flooding. Even before the campus was fully open, we sprung into action, assessing the damage, and putting students in touch with peers who could help. This assisted in bringing volunteers to those in need of assistance. When a UQ student posted a GoFundme […]

President’s Report – Edition 8 2019

It’s difficult to quantify what it means to run UQ Union. It’s a 108-year-old organisation has 11 outlets, $23 million in annual revenue, 250 staff, and a theatre that I cared about a lot more than anticipated.

President’s Report – Edition 7 2019

Hey! I’m Georgia, and it’s my last week as your UQ Student Union President. Before I hang up my UQU polo for the final time, I want to take some time to reflect on the year we had.
I hope that you’ve all been involved with UQU in some way this year, but if you haven’t had the chance, there are plenty of ways for you to get involved with the Union in 2020.

President’s Report – Edition 6 2019

What a fortnight to be President of the University of Queensland Student Union.
I’ve so far resisted saying anything too provocative online or in the media, for fear of catastrophising recent events. I’ve held my tongue in public, while in private voicing my serious concerns to members of the UQ administration about the fallout of the last fortnight of protests.

President’s Report – Edition 5 2019

Congratulations to everyone for making it to the end of Semester One! Whether you’re in your first or final year, exam time is always tough and you’ve earned your break.

President’s Report – Edition 4, 2019

This month UQ Union has been focused on our governance and wider strategic planning for 2019. As part of this, we are planning the launch of our new website, updating our financial management systems and preparing a SHOC rebrand for Semester 2.

President’s Report – Edition 2, 2019

February was an incredible month for the Union! One of the most visible achievements was our Toga Party in the Great Court – UQ’s biggest O-week party in recent memory! We sold over 5100 tickets and the event went off without any problems. Our marketing team and Campus Culture VP did a phenomenal job at managing the largest event UQU has ever hosted – I can’t wait to see Toga become bigger and better in 2020.