Cheap and Free Self-Care

We know sometimes being a student can be stressful and overwhelming, especially when you also have to balance other pressures like work, home and social life. That’s why you should practice self-care!

Practicing self-care has been proven to be a proactive, holistic, and personalised approach to the promotion of health and wellbeing in individuals. It’s a great way to make time for yourself and de-stress. And you don’t have to spend much for it (yes, we’re looking at you retail therapy people). Here are some recco’s for treating yourself either on a budget or completely free!

For your body:

  • Have a cup of tea or coffee
  • Go for a walk
  • Drink a glass of water
  • Visit a park
  • Use a face mask
  • Have some fruit
  • Sit in the sun

For your home:

  • Water your houseplants
  • Light a candle or turn on a diffuser
  • Tidy up an area in your home
  • Play some music in your home
  • Tidy up your pantry/fridge
  • Make a pillow/blanket nest or fort

For your mind:

  • Journal your feelings
  • Write down what you’re grateful for
  • Meditate (try this 10-min meditation YouTube video or listen to rain sounds during breathing exercises.)
  • Visit a library
  • Practice positive affirmations
  • Doodle or paint
  • Take a break from screens and devices
  • Read a book
  • Unfollow/mute social accounts that no longer serve you

For your heart:

  • Cuddle someone – your family, friend or a pet!
  • Call a loved one
  • Check in with yourself
  • Remind yourself of things you have achieved and overcome
  • Say no and set boundaries

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