Australia-China Youth Association (ACYA)

ACYA engages in bilateral relations, hoping to bring Australian and Chinese students closer together with a greater understanding of one another. We do this through cultural events, Language Exchange, and day trips that international students would otherwise pay a tour company a lot of money for. Look out for our events on Facebook and Wechat!

Australia-China Youth Association is a transnational cultural club engaging in Chinese and Australian culture. With chapters across Australia and China; we hope to bring new experiences to students and be a home away from home for others. Our club has three pillars: People-to-People, Education, and Careers.

Our P2P portfolio hosts social events throughout the year, ranging from day trips with 60+ members to more intimate dining events and games nights. Our P2P team is responsible for some of our most successful events of the year; helping members get out and de-stress, as well as make new friends! P2P conclude the year with a big event to thank our members for helping us make the year so successful, as well as introduce the new ACYA team.

Education delivers a range of events, some that run throughout the semesters like Language Buddies, Conversation Class, and ACE Space, gathering higher and more regular attendance every year. Education focuses on introducing people to new cultural experiences, both Chinese and Australian. Education also collaborates with P2P to host the classic Dumpling Night, where we invite members to learn about dumpling making and try their hand at it as well. Dumpling Night has quickly grown into one of our most in-demand events.

Our Careers portfolio alongside the President is the professional face of ACYA, often dealing directly with local and international companies. Careers is responsible for many of our sponsorships and hosts industry-specific panels with guests from big-name companies. Careers also reconnect with ACYA Alumni in an intimate environment, where ACYA members can talk to people who have gone through university with ACYA and found successful careers. Our Careers team will also be starting a case consulting competition in 2019.

ACYA has become increasingly involved with volunteering; looking to give back to the community. In 2018 we worked with Tzu Chi for their volunteering and recycling initiative, helping prepare food parcels for refugees and sort recycling from local restaurants. We hope to not only continue our volunteering initiative with Tzu Chi, but expand it to work with other charities and associations.

We are the proud hosts of International Ball, associated with many other international clubs at UQ, like BSA, TAISA, UQKISS. Started in 2018, we hope to keep bringing you a bigger and better ball every year!


No, we have members from all different cultures including: Vietnamese, Korean and Caucasian just to name a few. If you have an interest in anything to do with Chinese culture or just want to make new friends, this is the club to join.




Social, networking and education.

Membership Fees

$10 for a full year, $5 if buying membership in semester 2.



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