Engineering Undergraduate Society (EUS)

We are the Engineering Undergraduate Society of UQ. As a society, it is our goal to provide our members with enough support so they are equipped to handle whatever Uni throws at them. We do this by organising a range of events, both social and industry-focused that target all of the Engineering disciplines that our members are studying.

The Engineering Undergraduate Society has existed in many shapes and forms since 1913, but never before has it been so influential. With over 2000 members, partnerships with leading Engineering Companies, and some of the biggest events on Campus, EUS is not a Society to be missed. Come. Experience Change. Experience Life with UQ EUS.

In late 2010, the Presidents of the 5 largest engineering student clubs at UQ came together and agreed that EUS was in need of renewal. Reborn, EUS has again become a dynasty for positive change in the lives of Engineering Students. This year represents yet another chapter, as we again promote academic and networking support to all engineering students. We host regular industry panels, exam prep and tutoring sessions, and two huge Careers Fairs. When the times are tough we also know how to have fun, with countless pub crawls and some of the biggest balls at UQ. We are here to celebrate Success.

EUS has a leadership team which comprises of a day-to-day executive, in addition to the Presidents of the Civil Engineering Student Association (CESA), Chemical and Environmental Engineering Student Society (ChESS), Electrically Based Engineering Student Society (EBESS), Mining and Metallurgy Association (MAMA), Mechanical Engineering Student Society (MESS) and Skirts in Engineering.

If you are a first-year student, you can pay $10 and you will get access to all 7 of our societies. If you are in later years of study, membership costs $15 and you join EUS and one sub-club of your choosing. Any additional societies that you want to join will cost an extra $5.


Sign ups can be done through our website.

You can contact us via our Facebook page or you can email [email protected].


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