Gatton Student Association (GSA)

The Gatton Student Association, affectionately known as the GSA, is an association for the students of Gatton, voted in by the students of Gatton. We host a vast array of social events that run all year round!

The Gatton Student Association, affectionately known as the GSA, is a committee on campus made up of 8 students voted in by the student body the previous year. The association is for all students, whether you live on Halls or off campus. Although we are all here to further our education, it would not be an authentic university experience without some fantastic memories made with some even better friends. The kind of memories that we are talking about cannot be made in lecture theatres, pracs and tutorials (although we would encourage attendance to those).

So, this is where GSA comes in! We are here to host social events year-round to ensure that you, the students, can be sure that you are making the most of your time here in Gatton!

We are proud to support several clubs and teams around campus, including: The Black Pigs and The Black Sows. If you are involved in a club or team on campus and would like some support, please feel free to pull one of us aside to talk about some sponsorship when you see us around.

As always, Wednesday nights will be highly anticipated as the legendary UQU Lawes Campus Club opens its doors with a cracking new theme each week. Dressing up is compulsory, although as per Gatton rules, if you absolutely cannot fit the theme, a solid Hawaiian shirt in place of a costume will be accepted. Thursday mornings are usually spent debriefing the shenanigans of the night before… so be sure to be able to tell stories from firsthand knowledge.

We cannot tell you how excited we are to share our Gatton traditions with all the incoming freshers, as well as making more memories with the returning students. Your time in Gatton will provide you with a lifetime of memories and stories. So, here’s to 2020!


Yes! About half our members live off-campus

No, GSA is open to all students of any age

Check our members calendar! All events are written down in it.


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