International Students Engagement Association (ISEA)

UQISEA is a multicultural association with the members from different backgrounds. We aim to help new students to be smoothly adapt to new environment of living, studying and working in Australia. We are also working with other associations and partners to not only enhance social engagement of International students to local communities but also improve the quality of interaction amongst local communities and international students. What’s more, UQISEA also arranges varieties of activities helping international students to engage with Australian environment and to develop soft skills through interactions with local communities.

What we offer:
*Facilitate events/projects that transfer information about established community organizations in Australia to promote early interaction between international students and local communities and other student associations.
*Organise events/workshops to generate interaction between domestic organizations/students and international students that help students to build the soft skills, including language skills, problem solving skills, communication skills and interpersonal skills.
*Offer opportunities for international students to participate in the activities/events organised by local communities or associations to accumulate experience, contribute their own skills and knowledge and also embrace multiculturalism.


No. UQISEA is a multicultural team. We welcome students from different backgrounds. And in addition to international students, we also welcome local students.




Multicultural activities, Social, Communication Skills

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