UQ Anthropology Society (UQAS)

The University of Queensland Anthropology Society’s (UQAS) mission is to build, maintain, and nurture a community of people interested in anthropology. Whether you took one course in anthropology 30 years ago, or currently completing a PhD with years of experience under your belt, UQAS is a place for people to come together and help each other discover what it is to be human. We organize events to facilitate thriving support networks, intellectual stimulation, reflection, and skills development. Ultimately, we are just a welcoming, kind, fascinating, slightly strange, but hilarious group of people who make any excuse to help each other and have fun.

We seek to grow our collective wisdom in order to build ‘an equitable human assertion’. UQAS adopted this cornerstone concept from the artist-anthropologist Gina Athena Ulysse who quoted the work of the great black American writer Amiri Baraka in an artwork she performed at the Sydney Biennale 2020 when our society was first founded. Join us on our/your journey of exploration and world-building.

The goals of UQAS are:

1. To promote an interest in anthropology and its responsible use in service of humankind;
2. To support students and researchers in anthropology; and
3. To promote the social and intellectual life of students across all disciplines at the University of Queensland.


It is a holistic study of humanity. Anthropology looks at what does it mean to be human.


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