UQ Banking Club (UQBC)

The UQ Banking Club was formed in 2011 as the Student Investment Association and aims to bridge the gap between talented finance students and the banking industry through professional development and networking events.

UQBC is a not-for-profit organisation with the objective of helping students maximise their university experience. UQBC brings students and potential employers together through corporate workshops and networking events.
Since it’s establishment in 2011, UQBC has become an essential part of The UQ Business School. With over 400 active members, our goal at UQBC is to bring motivated and high achieving students closer to their career aspirations. Where interests lie in the banking industry – more broadly in the business, finance and commerce sectors – we work to equip our members with the skills, contacts and outlook necessary for success.
In the past eight years, our club has held numerous professional and social functions. This includes our flagship Corporate Ties event, which aims to provide our members the chance to network with representatives of leading firms in the industry.
UQBC is committed to fostering a more diverse and inclusive environment for our members.



Faculty (All)


Networking, social, career development

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