UQ Buddhist Education Society (UQ BEST)

UQ BEST aims to introduce Pureland Mahayana Buddism and provide a Buddhist education channel to the UQ community.

The society was founded by Professor Zhong Mao Shen (presently Venerable Ding Hong) in 2006, under the guidance of Master Chin Kung.

UQ Buddhist Education Society (BEST) strives to promote Buddhism as an education, focusing on the Pure Land School of Mahayana Buddhism.

We provide dharma classes covering various topics, including:
– 4 affinities
– Karma
– Cause and effect
-The 10 virtuous karma
-Changing destiny and ways to change
-Cultivating goodness

We also organize trips to during the semester breaks, such as:
-visiting the Pure Land Learning College Association in Toowoomba; and
-Amitabha Buddhist Association of Qld




Mahayana Buddhism, Dharma Talks

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The name of the Buddha of the Western Pure Land, primarily meaning “Infinite Life and Infinite Light.” To help all beings attain Buddhahood, Amitabha Buddha created the Western Pure Land, an ideal place of cultivation.