UQ Business Analytics Networking Association (BANA)

Hello! The Business Analytics Networking Association (BANA) was recently created with the overarching purpose being to share insights into the world of business analytics. Our association offers a collaborative platform where enthusiasts, both novices and experts, convene to explore, learn, and exchange insights. We host a range of engaging events, from interactive workshops and enlightening seminars to networking sessions that foster meaningful connections within the industry. Join us in unravelling the potential of data-driven strategies and uncovering the power of analytics to transform businesses. Come be a part of our growing community that believes in the endless possibilities that business analytics brings. Your journey towards insightful connections and transformative knowledge begins here with BANA!

The Business Analytics Networking Association (BANA) stands as a vibrant community within The University of Queensland. Established with a resolute commitment to shaping the future of business analytics, BANA bridges the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application, fostering an environment where students can thrive, connect, and excel.

This club was established with the following aims: To provide opportunities for students with an interest in Business Analytics to connect with peers and industry, and foster meaningful, long-term relationships. To provide opportunities for students to develop their skills and knowledge in Business Analytics, beyond the classroom. To ensure that all graduates of UQ’s Business Analytics major, and, in general, students with a strong interest in Business Analytics, are prepared and excited to enter the workforce.

Our current member base is comprised of diverse individuals who share a common passion for Business Analytics and its transformative potential. Whilst the majority of members are undergraduate students, the number of postgraduates is growing! The current undergrads and postgrads apart of BANA are from various faculties and study areas including business, computer science, engineering, law, and mathematics. So our member base represents the essence of BANA – a diverse group united by a shared fascination for Business Analytics.

BANA calls for all those who possess a curiosity for data, an eagerness to learn, and a passion for shaping the future of business through analytics. Whether you’re a seasoned analytics afficionado or taking your first steps into this captivating world, BANA offers a supportive community that nurtures your growth, connects you with industry leaders, and equips you with the skills to succeed.


Faculty – Business Economics and Law, Faculty (All)


Business Analytics, Networking

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Anyone! BANA welcomes all students (undergraduate and postgraduate) who have a passion or an interest in Business Analytics.

Every semester we look to hold around 3-5 quality events!

Please visit BANA’s Facebook or LinkedIn pages and feel free to message us there!