UQ Chinese Medical Association (UQCMA)

An association which unites all Chinese medical students and everyone who has an interest in Chinese healthcare system. This is a place to meet current UQ Chinese medical students as well as alumni.

The University of Queensland Chinese Medical Association (昆士兰大学中国医学生联合会)is a not-for-profit student society established in 2019. We aim to connect and create a supportive network for all UQ medical students with Chinese background and everyone that has an interest in understanding Chinese healthcare system and current healthcare issues in China. Each February, we help first year medical students orientate themselves to the UQ campus. We will also provide assistance and guidance for final year medical students who are classified as international students in Australia, with their application for placements and internships in Queensland and other states in Australia.



Faculty (All)


Networking, social, professional development, research opportunities.

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