UQ Comedy and Improv (UQCAIC)

Hi There! Do you love playing improv games and watching stand up comedy? Then we are the club for you! Come along to our weekly meetings and watch some improv or have a go yourself!

We are the comedy and improv club! We meet weekly (usually 5pm on Wednesdays but join our facebook group for more info) and play improv games. We welcome anyone to come along and watch or if you’re feeling brave you can always have a go yourself. We run workshops and collaborate with local improv schools so you can build your improvising skills and confidence. You don’t have to have ever done improv before or be “funny”, we are just about having fun and sharing our love of comedy and improv! We are a social club and some of our annual events include beach days, picnics, pub crawls and outings to watch stand up and improv. We also have writing meetings if you’re interested in writing comedy.


No! We love it just as much if you come along as just an audience member. Our audience is so important because we use your suggestions to create our scenes!

No! We have improv performers of all skills levels in our club. We can teach you the basics or help you build on your pre-existing improv skills (no matter what level you are!)


Hobby/Special Interest


Social, Comedy, Improv Skills

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