University of Queensland Computing Society (UQCS)

The UQ Computing Society (UQCS) provides a fun, social and inclusive environment for students interested in programming and technology.

We provide weekly events during semester that include tech talks from fellow students and faculty, visits from industry partners, social nights, and workshops on emerging technology.

We also run several major events each year, including our annual Code Jam and Hackathon, where there are prizes to be won.

UQCS is the best community on campus whether you’re studying a technical degree or not. Our strong alumni network spans the globe and UQCS members often get first access to some of Australia’s premiere internships and grad roles.

If you’re keen to make university about more than just classes, or just want access to oodles of free pizza, come join us today!


No! Anyone can join UQCS.

Not at all, we have members of all skill levels.

Join us in our DIscord server at If you’re interested in sponsoring UQCS, please email us at [email protected].

Thanks in advance!


Faculty (All)


technology, computer science, software engineering, programming, social, networking

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