UQ Critical Care (Crit)

UQCrit is a medical student interest group for Critical Care Specialties (EM, ICU, Anaesthetics). We are primarily an educational society focussed on exposing MD students to the breadth of knowledge and experiences that critical care medicine brings!

Adrenaline-Junkie Emergency Docs, Finicky Control-Freak Intensivists, and Candy-Crushing, Mallampati I Anaesthetists. If you love critical care medicine, you’ll LOVE UQCrit: the Student Critical Care Society.

We are primarily an educational society focussed on exposing MD students to the breadth of experiences that are critical care medicine. Our main events are:

Emergency Medical Challenges (EMC): an invaluable opportunity to test your emergency prowess in low-stakes but high-stress simulated clinical scenarios. Teams composed of mixed Phase I & II students manage simulated patients and are scored by our exec members. Get high-yield feedback on what you did well, and what was missed.

Horses not Zebras: our lecture series that follows the Phase I curriculum modules with a focus on the most common and important emergencies and how they are managed. Show off to your TBL/CBL tutor how well you can manage emergencies by coming along!

Skills day: ever wanted to ultrasound your gallbladder, or intubate the world’s most difficult airway? Learn this and much, much more at our skills day!

Careers night: a panel of REAL LIFE Emergency docs, Anaesthetists, and Intensivists give you their life story and answer your burning questions regarding lifestyle, training programs, career progression, and more…

CPR/FA refreshers: Take your mandatory annual CPR and/or First Aid course with your MD friends and family. Our sessions are some of the cheapest on offer, and they run super quick because of the caliber of attendees (you!).

Not yet an MD student but still an absolute crit care gunner? Volunteer to be a simulated patient and network with current MD students!

We’re on call 24/7 at [email protected]


Absolutely! Any medical students are welcome to join and attend our events. Pre-medical students are welcome to volunteer in our EMCs as simulated patients and network with current MD students without requiring a membership.


Faculty (All)



Membership Fees

$10 for duration of degree



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