UQ Dance

UQ Dance is an icon of UQ that is committed to teaching you how to dance in a safe and friendly environment. If you see us dancing on the Grassy Knoll, then feel free to jump in!

UQ Dance is a social club that will teach you how to dance a bunch of different styles, with lessons every Wednesday from 6-7pm on the Grassy Knoll, and social dancing after that until 9pm. We provide a safe setting for you to meet a bunch of new people whilst learning a cool new life skill. We cater to dancers of all skill levels with our beginner classes, social dancing and performance groups, and we have a bunch of cool social events for if dancing isn’t your thing.

See you next Wednesday!


Absolutely not! We cater for all levels of experience, starting from the absolute basics. We also have some social dancing time for you to practice with more experienced dancers, or to just chill with other members.

We teach a variety of Latin, Swing and Ballroom dance styles, such as Salsa, Waltz and West Coast. Throughout the semester we will normally teach the basics of each style for three weeks, so that you get to explore a variety of cool new moves.

No, UQ Dance is actually one of the most fun ways to meet new people on campus as you will meet a lot of lovely new people and get to bond over your shared lack of dancing ability!




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