UQ Greens (UQG)

We are a student-run club for supporters of the Queensland Greens. We are Queensland’s fastest-growing political student club. 

The UQ Greens stand for economic, social and environmental justice. We differentiate ourselves from other activist groups on campus by connecting students directly with Greens campaigns in inner Brisbane. Like many young people involved in climate justice today, we recognise that in order to face the crises of our time, we need governments with the political will to completely transform our society and economy. Therefore, rather than urging our members to adopt slightly more eco-friendly individual lifestyle choices, this club is far more interested in building the movement to elect Greens to the government – or even empowering you to run as a candidate yourself!

So sign up for the club for $2 and check out our events on Facebook!


Yes! Students have been at the forefront of many ongoing social justice movements (think civil rights, feminism and anti-war protests). Right now, the mass climate strikes happening around the world are testament to the power of students who organise. Plus, as more and more young people reach voting age and get involved in election campaigns, the more Greens reps we get elected!

No, but we do encourage folks to join the party. You can join the Greens at http://qld.greens.org.au/join

Of course!


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