UQ Indian Student Club (UQISC)

UQISC fosters a vibrant community celebrating Indian heritage in Queensland through cultural, festival and networking events. Our renowned experiences include Masti, Dosti, Garba Night, Eid Celebration and the grand “Once Upon a Time” Ball. Along with our focus on sharing the diverse cultures of India, we are committed to charitable endeavours for communities in need. Join our community at UQ to spice up your student experience!

The University of Queensland Indian Student Club is one of the largest cultural clubs in Queensland, celebrating the rich tapestry of Indian heritage. Our vibrant community in Brisbane thrives with over 700 annual members, both domestic and international students, fostering a deep appreciation for the diverse cultures and traditions of our motherland, India. Our core mission revolves around uniting the essence of India among our members, cultivating a sense of cultural belonging, giving everyone a sense of home away from home.

Our events range from social gatherings like Masti, Dosti, and movie screenings, to our grand annual “Once Upon a Time” Ball. We joyously commemorate numerous Indian festivals like Holi, Diwali, Onam, Garba Night, Navaratri, Eid and many more.

Beyond celebration, we are committed to making a meaningful impact. Through regular fundraisers, we extend our support to charitable organisations, lending a helping hand to communities in need. Our focus is centred on celebrating the Indian subcontinent’s diverse cultures. Our range of events are aimed at sharing these remarkable experiences with everyone, ensuring a more inclusive and enriching environment for all.

UQISC delivered more than 31 cultural events in 2023, with our illustrious Masti winning “Launch Party of the Year” and our first-ever Onam celebration being nominated for “Cultural Event of the Year” at the UQ Union Clubbies Award ceremony. In 2024, we are committed to iterating on our renowned events and delivering brand new experiences guaranteed to enliven your UQ experience!



The UQISC 2024 membership is your passport to all events and benefits from UQ Indian Student Club this year! Secure discounted tickets for Masti, Onam, “Once Upon a Time” Ball, and other renowned events, access exclusive member-only benefits from our partners and become part of a vibrant and inclusive community of over 700 members.




Embracing Indian culture; celebrating diversity of the subcontinent; supporting domestic and international students,

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