UQ InterCollegiate Meat Judging (UQ ICMJ)

UQ ICMJ is an Agriculture-focused club, giving students the opportunity to build careers in the meat industry. ICMJ members learn the fundamentals of meat quality and have the chance to attend two conferences, including the Northern Beef Conference and the ICMJ Wagga Conference, where students can showcase their learnings in meat judging, through a series of competitions. Networking with industry professionals is a key aspect of ICMJ, giving students a foot in the door with prestige Ag companies, this is fundamental to building careers and relationships in the industry.

In UQ ICMJ students get the opportunity to meet likeminded individuals and explore their passions within the meat industry. We explore meat quality of Beef, Lamb, and Pork, covering judging factors such as yield, quality, muscularity, ossification, and fat. Students require no prior knowledge in meat judging and are taught everything along the way to become successful. Members have coaches/mentors that are industry professionals to guild them on their journey of meat judging. This is a wonderful opportunity for students who are interested in Agriculture and Meat Science to learn fundamental skills of meat judging, networking, and building careers as well as being a part of a fun team.


Meat Judging is not only learning about meat science, quality and yield of meat and carcasses, but it is an opportunity for young people to learn and to build the pool of intelligent young meat industry representatives, fired with enthusiasm who will give the Australian meat industry the expertise and drive to compete in the meat quality world of the future.

Not at all! Your journey through meat judging is guided by coaches and mentors to teach you everything you need to know.


Faculty (All)


Agriculture, Meat Quality, Career

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