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UQ Japan Exchange is the official Japanese language and culture society on campus at UQ St Lucia. Our mission is to create a fun and open space for cultural and language exchange between Japan, Australia and the rest of the world. We hold a variety of social, academic, and business events aimed at bringing our members closer together, whilst creating everlasting relationships and memories!

UQ Japan Exchange is proud to be Australia’s biggest Japanese club and society (at a university) with 700+ members, 70+ discounts and the host of extraordinary events! We’re renowned on campus for hosting a family-orientated atmosphere whilst being one of the friendliest groups of people you will ever meet! With a diverse mixture of people from all backgrounds, finding a friend here won’t be hard at all.

In Japanese culture, we have a word called ‘Omotenashi’ (オモテナシ) which means to wholeheartedly look after your guests. Even if you are not a member of our society, we invite you to come to our events to see what we have to offer! These being:

– Annual Welcome Japanese BBQ (Semester 1)

– Annual Ball (2022 Hosted Atlas and was awarded ‘Ball of the Year’ (Seated))

– Dinner Outings to our Sponsored Restaurants

– Weekly Free Culture & Conversational Classes

– UQJX Exclusive Partnerships with Companies like CHOYA and Ito En

– Access to over 70+ Different Discounts!

– Access to Internationally Recognised Japanese Companies for Networking / Employment

– Japanese Movie Nights

-Matsuri Day (Japanese Festival)

– Our Otsukarekai and Bounenkai (End of Semester / Year Party!)

– And so much more!!!

By coming to our paid events, a percentage of our ticketing fees go towards helping children in low-income communities get the education that they deserve. We thank everyone who comes to our events for helping with this initiative.

Do not hesitate to ever contact us on our social media accounts or at [email protected] !

Everyone (even non-students or students from other schools/universities) are welcome to take part in UQJX. You do not need to be Japanese or even have any Japanese ability at all to join as a member and enjoy our events. Sign up at any time via Humanitix, our website or via email! By signing up, you get access to our unique UQJX Membership cards which also have all our discounts!


We host a variety of social events. Examples from 2022 include ice skating, arcade night and dinner nights at our sponsored restaurants. Being one of the largest international clubs at uni, our larger events including ball and BBQ day are something you do not want to miss!

Of course! We have a unique membership base that you won’t find at any other club. ~35% of our community are Japanese and the rest join as they love Japanese culture! If you want to improve your understanding and communication of the language, and culture or just want to meet new friends, our Weekly Culture and Conversation Class is the perfect place for that!

Our 2022 discount card can be seen in the picture below! We also have exclusive deals with brands like Redbull, Choya and Ito en where we give out their products only at certain events/meet-ups!




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