UQ K-nation (KN)

Hey! we’re K-Nation, UQ’s first ever social k-pop club. We’re basically a group of people who bond over our special interest in k-pop and its culture. Our events mostly consistent of hands-on activities that relate to k-pop such as trivia, jeopardy night, games night, art and crafts, and much more. We also have our occasional outings outside of St Lucia campus, where we have karaoke nights, and eat Korean food (or whatever food we decide on the night :p).

K-Nation is a social k-pop club where we present and organise activities centred around k-pop. Events can consist of:

– jeopardy night (to test your knowledge on kpop and its culture)
– in person games night (games and activities inspired by our favourite Korean variety shows)
– online games night (chill night on a discord call where we play games together)
– arts and crafts/bead night (a night where we can decorate photocards or make y2k beads)
– karaoke night (we sing in a karaoke place)
– occasional charity fundraiser (we like to extend our love and include our members in fundraising for charities)
– eating!!


Of course! All of our executives and members are multistans. You don’t have to like one groups exclusively. We actually encourage our members to explore new groups, whether mainstream or underrated.

Nope. Our events are designed to allow you to relax so just join us whenever you can/want.


Hobby/Special Interest



Membership Fees

$3 yearly. $2 per semester



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