UQ K-pop Dance Club (UQKDC)

Do you LOVE K-pop so much that you find yourself singing in your sleep and dancing in the shower? Wish you could level up your K-pop dancing skills and show all your friends how AWESOME you are by busting out some fₐₙcyyyyy ₒₒₒₕₕₕₕₕ? UQ’s first all-inclusive K-Pop Dance Club that will focus on spreading the amazing culture of K-Pop, and teaching you the latest and greatest K-Pop dances!

UQKDC wishes to build and strengthen the existing K-Pop community that is within UQ through dance. While K-Pop encompasses a wide variety of popular culture, we aim to use and share K-Pop choreography dance to bring about a safe and positive environment for the community. 🫶

To do so, we organise weekly dance classes at UQ, open to anyone and everyone with an interest in K-Pop and dance. All levels of experience are welcome to learn a girl-group and boy-group choreography every week. We also have our own performance team to represent our club at various performance opportunities throughout the year, so if performing on stage is your thing, sign up now! 👯

Additionally, we also hold regular social events throughout the year to allow members to bond and form friendships with other K-pop stans! Keep an eye on our socials for more information 👀

We have a roster of well-known K-Pop dancers from the Brisbane community to bring you fun new weekly K-Pop choreography classes!

– Classes run from 4pm – 7:30pm every Tuesday during the semester! 🕺

– Each week the dances will alternate between girl groups/soloists, boy groups/soloists and K-Pop throwbacks! 💃

– At the moment we’ve planned these classes to take place outside of UQ Centre on campus, however if the location changes we will announce it here and on our instagram page @uqkpopdanceclub!

Make sure to follow our Instragm page for event pages and weekly dance polls so you can choose your favourite dance to learn! 🥳


Our classes, no matter what level of choreography is being taught, will always be explained in a way that is easily understood by anyone with any type of dance background. Whether you’re a pro or just know some chorus moves of your favourite songs, our classes are super inclusive and we guarantee you’ll have a great time!

We have multiple social events throughout the year, including our semester welcome days, RPD’s and end of semester parties! Make sure to keep up to date with our Instagram page for more information 🤩




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Membership Fees

$10 for UQ Students, $15 for everyone else!



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