UQ Labor Left Club (UQ LLC)

We are a diverse group of students that believe a better society can be achieved through socialism, unionism, feminism, and democracy. Our club hosts regular social and political events centred around advocating for positive change.

Our club supports economic, racial, social and environmental justice through events such as book club meetings, get-togethers, and protests. We are also in the left faction of the Labor Party so that we have a voice in pushing the party to the left and giving us a way to fight for progressive change. If you feel passionately about any of these issues (or even better all of them!) then the UQ Labor Left Club might be for you.

Younger people have suffered by the growing inequality in our society. This has led many of us to see this inequality firsthand. This period of our life should be about learning and education, but for most of us it is about getting by while working in a rigged economy and studying full time. At the end of that study is, if we are lucky, a job waiting for us. We need more choice and more freedom in our lives. That is why we are democratic socialists.

As Bernie Sanders once said: “What democratic socialism is about is saying that it is immoral and wrong that the top one tenth of one percent in this country own almost as much wealth as the bottom ninety percent. That it is wrong today in a rigged economy that almost that fifty-seven person of new income is going to the top one percent.”

Though the situation in Australia may be better than in the US, economic inequality is still rife. If the principles of socialism, unionism, feminism, and democracy are principles you hold dear then the UQ Labor Left is the club for you!


No! You are welcome to come to events, become a member, and engage with the club without being a member of the Labor Party or Labor Left faction.


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