UQ Oncology (UQOnc)

UQ Oncology Society (affectionately known as UQOnc) unifies like-minded individuals with a passion for all things cancer-related. We aim to promote research, raise funds, and ultimately improve care and outcomes for those living with or afflicted by cancers of all forms. We provide academic, social, and career-specific opportunities for medical and allied health students.

Since the first descriptions on ancient papyrus in 3000BC, to the latest innovations of CRISPR and immunomodulators, medicine has faced few contenders as formidable as cancer. The University of Queensland’s Oncology Society offers students an important opportunity to gain an appreciation for the challenges, breakthroughs and future of cancer.

Our events include:

– Grand Rounds discussions of a variety of cancer topics.
– Presentations from experts in oncology, including allied health, researchers, surgeons, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists and patients.
– Fundraising events.
– Networking and career opportunities.

UQOnc members gain a holistic understanding of what cancer represents in the present day, the challenges remaining in the field and how we, as students and future health professionals can continue to help fight medicine’s greatest battle.


This club was founded by final-year medical students in Toowoomba. Now the current UQOnc team is spread across Queensland.  Most discussion and/or presentation-based events will occur electronically via Zoom, while fundraising events and networking opportunities will occur in person in the Brisbane region.

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Yes, you can, and you should! We encourage all students interested in Oncology to join our society, regardless of degree. Our current members range from students in medicine, nursing, occupational therapy to education, law, engineering and mathematics.


Faculty (All)


Medicine, Oncology, Research, Fundraising, Networking, Social

Membership Fees

$5 for 1 year or $10 for 4



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