UQ Overseas Christian Fellowship (OCF)

OCF is an interdenominational Christian fellowship that is student led and student run. We meet weekly on campus on Fridays for small group. Everyone is welcomed to join us!

OCF is a student led student run ministry on campus. OCF UQ is one of 14 centres in Australia. Our vision is to Reach Out to all overseas students in Australia, Build them up as Christ’s disciples amd Send them back to their home countries as disciple makers (Reach Out, Build Up, Send back) We meet weekly on campus for bible study and occasionally organise events such as speaker nights, home cell or outings. We have a discovery group for people who are interested in finding out more about Christianity. Everyone is welcome to join us regardless of what country you are from or what you believe in. Many people have found lifelong friends and support in OCF.


Do I need to be a Christian to join?

No, we welcome anyone who would like to join us and make friends. For those who are not Christians but would like to know more, we have a special Discovery Group where we can explore Christianity together.


Is this Club just for International Students?

No. We welcome everyone to join us regardless of what country they are from.





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