Queensland Physiotherapy Student Association

The Queensland Physiotherapy Student Association provides a variety of networking and social opportunities to those studying and interested in Physiotherapy at UQ.

Being one of Queensland’s largest physiotherapy societies for students, QPSA has a well-established reputation for hosting outstanding social and professional networking events. Members of QPSA are predominantly undergraduate students studying Physiotherapy at UQ, however, anyone interested in the field is happily welcome to be a member.

The goal of the association is to connect QPSA members with associated professional networks such as the Australian Physiotherapy Association, and build rapport with sponsor firms, including Sports Medicine Australia. Through these connects, we are able to provide members with the ability to perform a wide range of health-related courses including first aid, strapping and sports trainer at discounted prices. Through our social events, including the Physiotherapy ball, pub crawls and the SPOT (Speech, Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy) launch party, we aim to promote peer-to-peer interactions and hence, assist the establishment of valuable friendships throughout the year.

QPSA prides itself on the vast value offered to members. The value and variety of our professional, sporting and social events is a reflection of QPSA’s ability to independently and creatively act in the best interest of our members to assist them in reaching their career aspirations whilst thriving at university. JOIN TODAY!


We provide members with a winter collection: hoodies, sweaters, t-shirts and a summer collection: t-shirts, water bottles and sports packs”

Courses: First aid, CPR, Sports trainer and taping. QPSA also provides job advertisements for potential physio aid positions or course associated job opportunities. Social: Ball, pub crawls, launch and semester conclusion parties, sport days/comps within UQ and other universities”

UQ Speech Pathology, Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy have united to create the one and only SPOT card which offers members deals & discounts at several pubs, clubs, restaurants, cafés, textbook suppliers and many more!”


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