UQ Student Association of Plant Science (SAPS)

The UQ Student Association of Plant Science was established in 2017 to be a central resource for students and the wider UQ community passionate about plant science.

The primary objective of this association is to provide tailored and unique opportunities for our members to further their academic and professional careers in plant science. Our association enables its members to engage and network with researchers in the field and in industry, as well as with UQ lecturers and potential mentors. As part of this objective, we incorporate social media to provide valuable insight and relevant information in the field of plant science. This includes scholarship opportunities, current plant science research, academic sessions and research experiences at UQ in varying levels of study. One of our main goals as a society is to increase the awareness of plant science and plant biotechnology as fields of specialisation to students. We aim to achieve this by providing our members with a platform to engage with one another across both St Lucia and Gatton campuses and in doing so, establish a supportive community where the next generation of plant scientists can connect, innovate and create.

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No, we are open to anyone who loves studying science and who loves plants! We aim to have a range of plant sciences represented and supported including plant pathology, ecology, genomics, biotechnology, physiology, evolution, and agriculture.

SASS is the Student Association of Science Societies and they are the overarching society that supports smaller, more specific science societies in their endeavours to reach a variety of science students. The societies under the banner of SASS are the UQ Chemistry Club (CHEM), UQ BIOSOC, UQ Geography and Environmental Management Society (GEMS), UQ Association of Biomedical Students (ABS), UQ Women in Science Association (WISA), UQ Physics Club (PAIN), and the UQ Student Association of Plant Science (SAPS).

Our society aims to supply students with a range of opportunities to network and learn, through Research Networking Nights, Farm Visits, Lab Tours, and Social Hangouts, as well as through actively promoting opportunities and available scholarships that are available to students in plant science fields.


Faculty (All)


Plants, Science, Networking, Social, Research

Membership Fees

$5 – $7



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