UQ Skirts in Engineering (SKIRTS)

UQ Skirts is the student run women in Engineering society at UQ.

Skirts is the women in engineering student society at the University of Queensland and is an affiliate of the Engineering Undergraduate Society (EUS). Our aim is to provide that extra support to female engineering students, whether it be through developing their networking skills, or simply helping in the transition from high school to university. We are multi-disciplinary!

The past few years have been extremely positive for Skirts, with great companies, businesses and industry professionals contributing valuable knowledge and insight into life after university. Since Skirts’ establishment, the organising committee has endeavoured to combine the social side of university life with the aim of giving UQ students a head start through means of networking and hearing testimonials from industry professionals.

Two of the most well attended events to date have been the Skirts Networking Dinner and the Careers and Cocktails Evening. Both events provide excellent opportunities, not only for UQ engineering students, but also for companies to gain insight into what the upcoming workforce has to offer. Both events allow the formality of industry focused conversations to take place but in an environment which many students find less confronting than an interview room. The attraction to students is a comfortable situation where one can improve their people skills, learn how to be in a formal yet flexible environment and gain valuable knowledge from experienced professionals. We ensure that all that attend have great exposure to a range of people leading in their profession.

The Careers & Cocktails evening offers a more casual environment where attendees hear from past students, established industry professionals and other influential members within the engineering industry. The stand-up cocktail event has proven to be more relaxed in nature and even this year companies have acquired valuable undergraduate employees whom they have met through such an event.

These nights would not be possible without the un-ending support of our sponsors and such dedicated companies. The knowledge, insight and experience that is provided by industry professionals gives UQ students a major advantage as they look to begin their working career. Little tips and tricks, what to do and what not to do is often learnt through trial and error, hence why we at Skirts are such great advocates of these networking events.



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