UQ Student Philosophy Association (UQ SPA)

Join the UQ Student Philosophy Association to find the answers to all your deep and meaningful questions.

The UQ Student Philosophy Association offers members the unique opportunity to participate in academic, social, and cultural events all year round. As a club we aim to provide a holistic philosophy experience that is embedded in campus life to compliment your studies. Whether you are approaching philosophy for the first time or are a seasoned philosophical veteran, the UQ SPA offers a casual and welcoming environment for a diverse range of people, opinions and areas of interest. We run social Think ‘n’ Drinks every Wednesday of semester at the Pizza Caffe on campus as well as regular reading groups on important philosophical texts by some of history’s greatest thinkers. Our most notable events include regular debates, philosophical nature hikes, podcasts and more. Membership is only $5 so join the UQ SPA today!


There is no standard definition of the ancient tradition of philosophy. Philosophy is a way of life and a way of thinking about topics big and small. From the meaning of life to the purpose of art, philosophy offers a holistic and often multi-disciplinary approach to answering life’s greatest questions. Philosophy has something to offer everyone, and each person will have their own unique way of looking at things. Our purpose as a club is to study and interact with different ways of thinking about the world as an integrated part of our daily lives with the hope of finding meaning and truth.

Yes absolutely. Large numbers of our membership have no formal experience with philosophy and are just in it for the social aspect. Our weekly Think ‘n’ Drinks offer new members a great opportunity to learn about different schools of philosophical thought and to make new friends.

You can join the club via our QPAY link or at our stall on the HASS or general UQ market days which are both held during O-week once a semester. Membership is $5 and you are free to attend as many or few events as you would like.


Faculty (All)


Philosophy, Social, Politics, Economics, Psychology

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