UQ Thai Students' Association (UQTSA)

The University of Queensland’s Thai Students’ Association (UQTSA) is a cultural club within the University of Queensland that aims to promote diversity and inclusion, foster cultural awareness, and build a sense of community among individuals who share an interest in Thai culture regardless of their ethnicity. We hope that the community we build will be able to connect people with similar experiences and perspectives and build lasting friendships and networks.

The UQTSA has been a club affiliated with the University of Queensland for the better half of the decade. Established to promote Thai culture, language, and traditions, the UQTSA provides a platform for students to connect, learn, and share their personal experiences as international students. With a strong focus on community engagement, we host a range of events and activities throughout the year, including cultural events, Thai festivals, and social gatherings, to name a few. These events not only help to honour, preserve and celebrate Thai culture but also provide opportunities for members to develop valuable skills and expand their networks. Further, we are committed to building a strong and supportive community for our members. We also provide a support network for members, offering advice, guidance, and assistance with any issues or challenges they may face while studying in a new country.

Whether you’re a Thai student studying at the University of Queensland or simply interested in Thai culture, the UQ Thai Students’ Association welcomes you to join our community and experience the warmth and hospitality of Thailand!


No, anyone interested in Thai culture is welcome to join us and make new friends!

We hold all sorts of events from interstate games with other Thai societies throughout the country, to cultural trips such as temple visits, Thai festival celebrations, and even casual get-togethers, movie-nights, barbecues, and parties!

Why not? For as little as $5, you get the opportunity of a lifetime to experience Thai culture from abroad, learn about Thai traditions, customs, and lifestyle. Come meet new friends and establish meaningful connections with those who share similar interests and passions, and even develop a skill or two by surrounding yourself with all aspects of Thai culture whether that be the language, entertainment, food or sports!




Thai culture, Thai language, Thai networks

Membership Fees

$5 per semester



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