UQ Wildlife Association (UQWA)

The University of Queensland Wildlife Association (UQWA) aims to connect like-minded wildlife students and wildlife-interested people with information, experiences, and training that are assets in the industry.

UQWA strives to represent the Wildlife Science student body as a whole and ensure that they are accurately and strongly represented within the Gatton Campus community and thrive while studying and post-graduation.

Although aimed at those studying Wildlife Science at UQ Gatton, we support a positive and inviting community for those interested in wildlife and encourage everyone with a passion for conservation and wildlife – native or exotic – to join us and get involved! Regardless of the degree or location.

We work to provide our members with industry opportunities and experiences to develop their skills and interests in animals, as well as resources to network and form relationships for future careers.

This year we hope to provide enriching opportunities and amazing events, which you definitely do not want to miss!

Follow our Facebook and Instagram pages on @UQWildlifeAssociation to keep up to date with events, and find advertisements for various job and volunteering opportunities!


Faculty (All)


Wildlife, Animals, Native,, Reptiles, Amphibians, Birds, Invertebrates, Nature, Outdoors, Conservation, Sustainability, Science, Research, Networking

Membership Fees

$15 per semester, or $20 per year



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No you do not! UQWA strives to be a community for animal lovers and like-minded people. If you are interested in wildlife, conservation, sustainability or the environment this is the club for you!

Members get discounts on all events and will have access to merch! Being a member also puts you on our mailing list so you become the first to know about any new events.