Discover the UQ Reuse & Recycling Station

The student Reuse & Recycling Station is now open in the UQU Complex – a landmark achievement for sustainability at UQ!

The UQ Reuse & Recycling Station Station is a culmination of many months of collaboration between the UQ Union, the UQU Environment Collective, and the UQ Sustainability Office, and to have it up and running has us very, very excited.

The Station has TEN separate recycling streams, all free to use! So, let’s run through them:

Photo of the UQ Reuse & Recycling Station

  1. Working top to bottom, our first stream is for old DVDs and CDs – Does anyone even have a place to play DVDs or CDs anymore?! These are upcycled by local community groups into playing card holders for those with physical impairments.
  2. Oral care products – Any toothbrushes or toothpaste tubes! We just ask that any tubes be completely emptied before depositing them.
  3. Stationery – We’re looking for the stuff that still works, but you don’t need anymore! Old pens, mathematical stationery, or other general office stuff – we’ll donate it to people that need it.
  4. Printer Cartridges – These ones should be empty as well.
  5. Mobile Phones – I found two old, cracked phones in my desk drawer, I’m sure there’s a few more out there!
  6. Batteries – If we can keep it to AA, AAA, C and D graded batteries we’d be very appreciative!
  7. Eyeglasses – Any prescription, with lenses still in.
  8. Paper – What’s there to say?
  9. Soft Plastic – Any soft plastic that isn’t commonly recyclable in regular recycling bins, please only deposit clean plastic in this stream.
  10. Small E-Waste – Any tech waste that isn’t a mobile phone can go in here! (Just try to make sure it fits through the slot)

We ask that no waste is left outside/next to/behind/in front of the Station. If you have something too large to recycle through the Station, just get in touch with the Environment Collective or the Sustainability Office and we can advise you!

You can find the brand-new Reuse and Recycling Station in the Kingham Room foyer – directly left from the bottom of the REDROOM Stairs, near the entry to the Women’s and Abilities’ rooms. Happy recycling friends!

You can read more about UQU’s commitment to operating a sustainable and ethical business here.

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