Gus’ Beerwah Adventure

If you’re looking for something to pass the time now that assessment is over, we’ve got an outdoorsy idea for you! 

Your Student Rights VP for Community, Gus Pazo, recently scaled Mt Beerwah, so if that sounds like the sort of active adventure you’re craving, then read on.

A steep start, and plenty of rock climbing required, can make Mt Beerwah seem like a tough challenge for anyone with a fear of heights and/or without much rock-climbing experience. I am living proof however, that with a bit of common sense it is a doable and rewarding experience for anyone willing to give it a go.

The first thing to keep in mind is that this is not a hike to be underestimated; it is an actual rock climb, so make sure you have good shoes with lots of traction and good grip. Don’t rush it on your way up. Focus on your movements and visualise the route ahead before moving. Ideally you should prioritise finding the right footholds and where you will place your feet next because your weight should be standing on them, not hanging from your hands.

Once you reach the cave section it becomes an easier adventure. Enjoy the magnificent views, not just from the top but also along the way up. Unless you are confident in your skills and experience, coming down is more of a bum slide down than it is a downclimb. Remember to bring sufficient amounts of water and snacks for energy and hydration. For safety reasons, do not go alone and always have your phone in case of an emergency to call for help.

Bonus tip: if you are planning to climb before sunrise do not make the mistake my friends and I made; bring some headlamps!

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