It’s Time to Start Moving

Have you ever wondered why it is impossible to sit up straight all day?

Has someone told you that “sitting is the new smoking” and it has made you feel guilty?

Are you being told that you need to stretch more because you are stiff from sitting?

Being a Uni student, the chances are you have.

The Body and Sitting

Sitting is not bad for you. In fact, sitting is amazing but it is how long that you remain seated, particularly in one position that is concerning.

Your body was designed to move for long periods of time with rest following that period of movement. We have come a long way evolutionarily speaking, but some things still hold true.

When you sit at the desk, lounge, or whatever your study space may be for longer periods of time, you are not getting good movement nutrition.

Our balance system “goes offline” so to speak and causes muscles in our body to relax. This is one of the contributing factors to ending up in a “poor posture”.

The thing is that there is no “poor posture”, only a poor position that you hold for too long.

How can you avoid “poor posture”?

Some great and easy movement strategies that I recommend for Uni students includes:

  • Every 30-40 minutes, have a 5-minute movement break.
  • Stand up from the chair, move around, have a stretch (particularly getting your head moving).
  • Avoid looking at your phone where you can, the less screen time the better.
  • Go outside where possible.

This will allow your body to move, feel less stiff and depending on your movement, allow for more energy and creativity.

This is particularly great when studying for long periods. A movement break may feel like a waste of time, but it will be beneficial to you in the long run.


Using movement strategies whilst studying and sitting for long periods of time will negate some of the negative sensations you feel when stretching.

By moving more and implementing certain exercises, particularly ones that challenge your balance, you will find that you are less stiff, and you will feel recharged.

And when you feel recharged, sitting will feel good again and you can get back into your work!

If you have any questions around tailoring a movement program for yourself or want to find out if your workspace set up is right book in or call St Lucia Sports & Spinal and let us help you!

Written by St Lucia Sports & Spinal Physiotherapist Tom Williams

About Tom:

Tom joined the team at St Lucia Sports and Spinal in 2017. Since that time, he has been involved in numerous sporting teams and event across various levels, including UQ Rugby Football Club, UQ Swimming Club, Toowong Football Club, and a physiotherapist at the 2018 Commonwealth Games in the Gold Coast. Tom also spends time teaching in the physiotherapy program at the University of Queensland. He loves his teaching role as it allows him to help the next generation of physiotherapists coming through.

To learn more about the St Lucia Sports & Spinal team, call 07 3871 0633 or head to their website.

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