UQU Student Executive

Meet your 2024 Student Executive!

Angus McRae

G’day, my name is Angus and I am honoured to serve as your Union President for 2024. As a medical student I firmly believe in fighting for the best outcomes for students facing adversity regardless of situation or cost.

In 2024, student wellbeing among the concurrent cost of living and rental crises is a key focus of my team. Students are suffering like never before, and we have a wide variety of student executives who not only are dedicated advocates but are also facing similar challenges themselves. Standing up for student rights and welfare is what we do, and we will be holding the University accountable for any education compromised due to a lack of support that students deserve.

We know the value of strong communities at the university and are fierce champions of the Collectives, Clubs and Societies that are central to campus experience. Students should be engaged and invested in the union and university around them, and through developing advocacy skills and celebrating the successes of our community we can ensure a vibrant and supportive atmosphere at UQ.

This year will be a large one for the student body and the UQ Union, with the university debating a Union Complex restructure and negotiations for the future of the student voice on campus. The old mantra of “student control of student affairs” has never been a more important principle to stand up for.

I am passionate about improving student representation and the role of the UQ Union, and am committed to ensuring that every single student is represented regardless of background or faculty. If you are interested in getting involved with student advocacy, want to get in touch, or even have ideas about how to improve student experience on campus, please reach out to [email protected], I would love to hear from you!