UQU Student Executive

Meet your 2024 Student Executive!

Clara Mueller

Get to know me!


What are your pronouns?



What is your elected position for 2024?

Gatton Officer


If you’ve been on the exec team before, which position have you served and when?
Gatton Officer, 2023


What are you currently studying/what is your study background??

Studied Biology BS at UC Santa Cruz, and I am currently studying Bachelor of Veterinary Science (Hons)


What are you most looking forward to about your involvement in the Union in 2024?

Providing students with a fun year, and supporting them in any way possible


What are your priorities, key focuses and/or commitments in 2024?

Providing students with a fun year, and supporting them in any way possible. Being able to represent the Gatton students/campus


What do you believe are the biggest or most pressing challenges facing students today?

Tough to access resources, they do not know about supports they have within the university/Union


How would you like to support, represent, and/or entertain students?

Being able to speak on behalf of Gatton Campus students in UQU and UQ, as they are further from St. Lucia and may not have the platform to raise concerns


What’s been a highlight or favourite moment or event from your time at university or with UQU?

Working together with Meg, Annalise, and Keeley, as well as other UQU execs


What can you be found doing for fun when you’re not studying or working?



Where’s your favourite spot to grab a feed and kick back on campus?

Kick back: anywhere on Gatton campus, grab a feed: in town or at home


How can students get in contact with you?

Email: [email protected]


Anything else?

I look forward to working with the other UQU execs this year!!