UQU Student Executive

Meet your 2024 Student Executive!

Jordy Duffey

Get to know me!


What are your pronouns?



What is your elected position for 2024?

Vice-President (Student Rights)


If you’ve been on the exec team before, which position/s have you served and when?

Disability Officer – 2023


What are you currently studying?

Bachelor of Arts – Majoring in Anthropology and Political Science


What are you most looking forward to about your involvement in the Union in 2024?

I’m looking forward to being a voice for students on campus and ensuring that at the centre of all decisions made, student voice is considered and is a priority. I look forward to hopefully creating further a platform that ensures the representation and voice of students and advocating on issues that ensure that the welfare and wellbeing of students is a priority.


What are your priorities, key focuses and/or commitments in 2024?

  • Addressing student poverty. There are many issues impacting students, but this includes advocating to change the age of independence which impacts students from accessing Centrelink, fighting for concession rates for public transport for part-time students, advocating for the increase of Centrelink payments to better support students to name a few.
  • Paid Placements. Providing support to those who are taking placement this year by expanding our placement bursary program but also fighting and advocating for placements to be paid. No student should have to experience placement poverty.
  • Representation and voice. Continuing to create platforms and initiatives that help support the representation and voice of students. This includes having more regular awareness stalls to engage with the UQU Student Rights Department about issues concerning students and continuing to establish the Academic Advocacy Network.


What do you believe are the biggest or most pressing challenges facing students today?

Addressing cost of living and student poverty are the biggest and most pressing challenges facing students today. It is getting harder to study whilst worrying about having to work to afford the ongoing costs to ensure that there is food on the table and a roof to sleep under. More needs to be done to ensure that students wellbeing and welfare are supported.


How would you like to support, represent, and/or entertain students?

I would like to be a voice for students and ensuring that they are represented where possible – whether this is at a university committee or lobbying politicians on the issues that are impacting students including the cost of living and housing crisis. I would like to offer support and representation where possible by ensuring that I can be not only just a listening ear but also a voice for those who need it. I want to represent students and their rights by ensuring that their welfare and wellbeing is a top priority.


What’s been a highlight or favourite moment or event from your time at university or with UQU?

Being involved and engaged with the UQ Union Collectives has been a highlight of my time at university and with the UQ Union. These collectives have helped me find a sense of community and belonging whilst studying at university and have also provided some great events and support where needed.


What can you be found doing for fun when you’re not studying or working?

  • Gaming
  • Reading
  • Binge watching and rewatching tv series


Where’s your favourite spot to grab a feed and kick back on campus?

I quite enjoy simply grabbing a bite and coffee from On a Roll Bakery, but I do enjoy grabbing a feed and to kick back a bit at Wordsmiths Café where possible.


How can students get in contact with you?

Work email: [email protected]
Student Rights email: [email protected]
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/UQUSRC


Anything else?

Your welfare and wellbeing as a student is a top priority of mine, so if you happen to see me around on campus feel free to come say hello and have a chat about any concerns you may have if you need to or reach out to me on my email at [email protected].