UQIC Clubs & Societies Executive Overview 2021

UQIC President 2021 – Luke Middis

2021 was an exciting year for us involved with UQIC as we had the freedom to spread our wings and reach out to players who might not have heard of Interfaculty Competitions before. We wanted to find new students who were either entering university for their first year, or anybody who might not be exposed to a social competition like ours. Our executive team looks back on 2021 and can only celebrate the successes we achieved throughout the two semesters!

We started off with a bang by bringing together a large number of clubs to compete in our annual Executive TRL Competition. We don’t just see this as a day to play sport but for each club and society to bond with others who they might not interact with on a day-to-day basis. We see societies such as EUS, QUEST & UQSPIA (for example) join together and create friendships that outlast the year!

During Semester 2, our prized events involve offering 10 weeks of sport to all UQ faculties, clubs & societies. Students have the choice of 7 sports including soccer, netball, TRL, rugby union, basketball, beach volleyball and dodgeball. The best thing about playing sport is that you don’t need to be in a premade team to join up; we place individuals into existing teams to meet new people from their allocated faculties! We have seen multiple teams made up of strangers continue to sign up over the years as newly formed friend groups!

I think our role in contributing to the student experience reaches further than just putting on sport for students. We create positive experiences through physical activity to students who might not have had much interaction with the university’s social culture. There is so much potential in the space we operate; we just can’t wait for what is to come in 2022!

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