UQU Women’s Collective

Representing and advocating for women on campus.


The UQU Women’s Collective (UQU WC) is an autonomous group on the University of Queensland campus, non-affiliated with any political party, external organisation or values-driven belief. The goal of the Women’s Collective is to represent and advocate for women on campus through a range of events and campaigns.

The UQU Women’s Collective aims to engage people with each other as feminists and feminist theory as a whole, run events, raise consciousness and have fun. We are a group that meets regularly to discuss feminist affairs. In addition, the Women’s collective regularly hosts events such as the annual International Women’s Day Breakfast, small social events, and networking opportunities and run campaigns to engage students on campus and educate people in regards to current feminist issues.


Who can become a member?

All UQ Students who identify as women or non-binary.


What are the interests of your collective?

  • Advocacy
  • Education
  • Socialising

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