Women’s Collective Portfolio End Of Year 2021 Overview

Emily Searle, VP Gender & Sexuality

The Women’s Collective is an autonomous group run through the UQ Union that any student who identifies as female or non-binary is automatically a member of – no joining fee. The Collective host’s meetings, puts on events and exists to advocate against gendered discrimination at UQ. We hold UQ to account when necessary and provide support to members when they face discrimination or are treated unfairly. This year some of our key successes have been implementing the Angel Shot in the RedRoom, providing free period products in all UQU bathrooms and facilitating STI testing twice a week. Upkeeping the women’s room and ensuring it is a safe and inclusive space is an important job for the Collective. The room is a work in progress getting better each year. This year we have added better lighting, more couches, hot drink options, refrigeration, free period products and STI prevention products to the women’s room for members to access 24/7. The collective also achieved national media coverage on the practice of deportment classes when we were asked to comment on the practice for an ABC story.

On a more fun note, we put on events to help students find a sense of community. Some of our successful events have been International Women’s Day, book clubs and discussion circles. We are looking forward to continuing these events for next year and adding many more.

Finally, I would like to congratulate Greta Simpson on her election to the G&S VP role for 2022. We wish her the best in continuing the legacy of the Women’s Collective.


You can find the Women’s Collective Portfolio Semester 1 2021 Overview here.


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