Best Podcasts for Uni Students

Have you been watching too many Suits reruns, are you procrastinating that assignment that’s due soon, or are you simply just “bored in the house and I’m in the house bored”? Then these podcasts are here to support you. We’ve found the best podcasts for uni students to listen to on the internet and compiled them here for you so you can find exactly what you want to listen to, from crime, comedy, interview, health and wellbeing, and educational podcasts!



Crime Junkie

Are you a crime junkie, or maybe just a crime newbie, either way, if you can’t seem to get enough of the true-crime scene, this podcast is the one for you! Focusing on a new crime each week you can jump into the riveting episodes of missing person cases, unsolved murders and serial killers. With hour-long episodes, delve deep into mysterious and unusual crimes with a podcast that mimics chatting with your best friend. Check it out. 


My Favourite Murder

Interested in diving into the dark world of crime but need something a little more light-hearted to listen to with a few laughs in between? Karen and Georgia are here to bring it all, with a combination of dissecting well-known cases, frank discussions on their own dealings and an injection of humour into the darkest of tales. You’ll feel like you’ve made two new best friends and be calling yourself a “murderino” in no time. Check it out.


Casefile True Crime

With an in-depth look at crime, this one hits a little closer to home with the podcast covering many of the grittiest Australian crimes. Hosted by an anonymous Australian man, he takes you through solved and unsolved cases, getting into the nitty-gritty of each case and revealing the evidence as the police would have at the time. In his calm, and at times creepy, voice, the host provides “just the facts, ma’am”, because as the tagline suggests “fact is scarier than fiction”. Check it out.


And That’s Why We Drink

Ever wanted more paranormal stuff like aliens and ghosts in your true crime podcasts, well grab your boxed wine and your headphones because this podcast has it all. Follow the episodes hosted by Christine and Em as they delve into the creepy tales of true crime and the paranormal in a giggly and ghastly scramble of a podcast. But don’t be deceived by the title as this is not a tame show and delves into some pretty creepy paranormal and true crime stories. Check it out.





Sit down with David Dobrik and Jason Nash and let them take you behind-the-scenes and show you what it’s really like living the YouTube life. The pair will throw you into a fit of laughs throughout the episode as they confess their most intimate thoughts, dissect their own contentious relationship and recount their crazy, social media-filled careers. Check it out


Hamish and Andy

If you were lucky enough to grow up listening to Hamish and Andy, you’ll know just how great this podcast is. If you are part of the unlucky few, this podcast will bring you the entertainment in life that you were always missing. With their weekly shows questioning and testing the smaller things in life, Hamish and Andy combine comedy, news, interviews and their button-pusher Jack and roll it all into one big ball of non-stop laughs. Check it out.


The Misfits

Get ready to rid yourself of any pesky oxygen you have left with the most scuffed podcast on the internet. This podcast is sure to leave laughing so hard you’ll be gasping for air as the Misfits discuss absolutely everything, including funny stories, video games, theories, Youtube and fame, whilst also bringing on various friends and fellow content creators to interview. Check it out




Pretty Big Deal

Get ready for Ashley Graham to address some of the unspoken and unaddressed problems of today’s culture, beauty, business and owning who you are in a fun and light-hearted manner with different high-class guests such as Kim Kardashian West and Demi Lovato. This podcast incorporates incredible educational messages whilst uncovering a few secret things about the life of being a celeb. Check it out. 


Happy Hour

JaackMaate’s Happy Hour podcast features high-profile guests like social media stars True Geordie, KSI, and even the occasional celebrity like Ricky Gervais. Jaack, Jordan and Stevie don’t leave any stones unturned whilst they deep dive into the interviews, covering guest’s personal lives, youtube drama, life’s big questions and opinions on hot topics. Check it out.


Lady Startup

Sit down with Rachel Crobett and some of the most inspiring and successful female entrepreneurs to explore their success stories such as Abigail Forsyth with the Keep Cup, the startup of Canvas by Melanie Perkins, and many more. This podcast is your Bootcamp in business as it explores the different processes of starting a new business and working from the ground up into a sustained business success. Check it out


Curious with Josh Peck

Drake & Josh fans, get ready. Josh Peck is funnier in real life than he ever was as Josh Nichols, with his goofy and witty, but surprisingly interesting, interviews with a range of famous faces, this is one you don’t want to miss. The guests range widely from fellow YouTubers to divorce attorneys who have seen the most devastating celeb breakups, get all the goss you never knew you needed with these hour and a half episodes. Check it out


Health & Wellbeing


The Happiness Lab

Whether you’re “sparking joy” the Marie Kondo way or chasing your next promotion, most of us are finding ways to be happier, but are you truly finding happiness through these methods? The Happiness Lab is the perfect blend of thought-provoking, helpful, entertaining and practical. Dr Santos aims to bridge the gap of our beliefs of obtaining happiness and the practicality of how to obtain happiness, she immerses you into the science behind happiness and will forever change what you believe constitutes happiness. “Anyone can be happy, no matter their genetic disposition, if given the right tools.” Check it out


The Health Code

From how to train to meet your goals to comprehensive wellness tips, this podcast cracks the code on all things health, fitness, lifestyle and relationships. Join hosts Sarah and Kurt as they banter and educate through sharing their own health and fitness journey with the incorporation of tips, favourite workouts and their strategies when it comes to health. Join the pair through their banter and education of health and wellbeing whilst they interview other health influencers and explore the questions you never even thought to ask. Check it out. 


Phone A Friend

There truly is no shame in reaching out to a friend and letting them know that you’re actually not ok, and this podcast is all about that. Long time friends George and Ollie share the highest and lowest points of their week in each episode and discuss ways to balance mental health concerns with daily life and the stresses associated. The podcast captures the candid and light-hearted conversations of opening up to a friend about mental health and wellbeing with the intention of encouraging their listeners to do the same. Check it out




Mindset Mentor

Are you lacking the motivation or direction during this time, then start your day by listening to this podcast. With relatively short and easy-to-consume episodes, you can squeeze this podcast in whilst drinking your morning coffee, whilst getting ready or during your morning walk. Host Rob Dial will take you on a journey to refocus your attention and by tweaking your perspective on life such as staying positive, avoiding procrastination and being more disciplined. Check it out


Ted Talks Daily

I’m sure you’ve seen a few Ted Talks in your lifetime, whether it be in class, or during one of those 3 AM YouTube procrastination binges even though you have a chemistry assignment due the next day. Ted Talk Daily will bring you the world’s leading thinkers and creators with the latest thought-provoking ideas on every subject imaginable. Find some space in your day for a ten minute extraordinary yet easy-to-digest episode to change your perspectives, ignite your curiosity, and learn something new. Check it out


Stuff You Missed in History Class

The podcast that refuses to accept the idea that history has to be all about politics, wars and the men who started them. Listen to weird and fascinating stories about history from Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion to the first woman to ride around the world on a bicycle. This podcast will bring you tales that you have never heard before, no matter how well you paid attention in class. Check it out


The Documentary Podcast

As the name implies, this podcast is filled with informative topics from around the world, including the Coronavirus, the man who died for trees and incubator babies on display on Coney Island. Investigate global developments, issues and affairs about the world you live in merely 30 minutes. Check it out


If you like to mix it up between podcasts and music, then check out our Toga Party Playlist and Quarantunes Playlist!

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