UQU Disability Collective Survey Report – 2022

Investigating the experiences of students with disability at the University of Queensland: Report of survey conducted April to July 2022 by the University of Queensland Union.

12 DECEMBER 2022


Originally intended as an internal survey for the University of Queensland Union (‘the Student Union’), it was soon recognised by the authors that a study such as this one, co-designed by students with disability for students with disability, would be a useful tool with implications well beyond a single university.

The survey was then modified to act as a pilot study investigating the experiences of students at the University of Queensland with a view to roll out the survey nationally after reviewing and refining based on this pilot.

When applied to universities throughout Australia, this survey could provide both broad comparative data for research purposes, as well as granular data to be available to individual universities to assist those universities to identify key areas for improvement in providing equitable education access to students with disability.

In this report, we seek to describe the development process, set out key data—in particular, the results of the quantitative elements of the survey—in relatively simple terms and discuss the implications. In our discussion, we have identified recommendations for future action to achieve equitable access to education for students with disability, particularly at the University of Queensland. 

This report has wide-ranging relevance and implications for the disability and tertiary education sectors.


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