Nine Online Games to Play in Quarantine

Self-isolation is a time to come together and connect with friends online, while maintaining social distancing. It’s also a great opportunity for some friendly competition! If you’re looking for some fresh options to stay entertained in quarantine look no further. These are our top nine picks for games you can play online while you and your friends are stuck in quarantine. Let the games, and boredom busting, begin!

Club Penguin

Available on PC

The old Club Penguin has been brought back to life; this time with no paid memberships, meaning you can adopt that puffle, buy that cute outfit and decorate your igloo however you like. So grab a friend to chat over a pizza, battle at the dojo or verse them in a classic snowball fight!

Available on PC

The online pictionary game to verse your friends in. One game consists of a few rounds in which every round someone has to draw their chosen word and others have to guess it to gain points! Collect as many points as you can and compete to be crowned the winner!

Available on PC

Sick of completing puzzles by yourself, are all puzzles now sold out, or is your table simply just not big enough to fit a puzzle? Well this online puzzle is perfect for you. Complete it alone or invite your friends to help you, play together in real-time with anyone around the world; unite and complete puzzles from easy to hard and test your skills!


Houseparty App

Available on Android and iOS

The app that has become a cultural phenomenon allows you to hangout and party from home. Video call all your friends on the House Party app and play some of your favourite classics from your couch, including Heads Up, Trivia, Quick Draw (Pictionary), and Chips and Guac (similar to Cards Against Humanity). Or start a screen broadcast and get your friends to help you choose which selfie to post to instagram, or simply make pizzas together and enjoy a glass of wine from your couch. The options are limitless.


Bunch App

Available on Android and iOS

Just like House Party – hang out and play games with your friends; anytime, anywhere.

With some classic titles brought back with this app and the addition of some new ones, grab all your friends and declare the winner.

  • Draw Party: Draw silly pictures with your friends, and guess what they are drawing
  • Mars Dash: Race with friends on hills of Mars
  • Flappy Lives: Flap through the pipes with friends – the last bird standing wins
  • Bunch Pool: Play pool with up to 8 friends over video chat
  • Trivia: Test your knowledge with friends, and see who is the smartest


Black Humor

Available on iOS

The Cards Against Humanity game on your phone that you can play online with your friends. This satirical, ironical and politically in-correct game will blow your mind and make your iso parties fire.

*Paid subscription but only one player needs a subscription to start the game, 7 day free trial available – take turns in claiming the free trial.


Rummikub App

Available on Android and iOS

Play the classic Rummikub, straight from your phone, with your friends and family in private game mode. All you need to do is connect to your Facebook account and then when all the people you want to invite to the game come online it’s time for the games to begin, battle for coins and find out who the true rummy king/queen is.


Uno App

Available on Android and iOS

The true classic that needs no explanation. With new choices of cards, rules and gameplays to shake it up, invite your friends and family to a round of Uno! Unlike ever before, there is now the option of connecting with players via voice message, so you can yell UNO into your device and defeat your friends as if they were really in the room with you.


Risk: Global Domination

Available on Android and iOS

Everybody wants to rule the world, so now’s the time to verse your friends to see who will claim all the power. Risk is a strategy game of diplomacy, conflict and conquest that you can now play from your phone, so use that brain and outsmart your opponents to conquer their territories and take over the world to be crowned the true ruler.

Let us know what you think! Have you played any of these games in self-isolation? Do you have any other quarantine online game suggestions that we should check out? Get in touch below. And, check out our blog on 7 Ways to Celebrate Your Birthday in Quarantine!


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