Statement from the University of Queensland Union (UQU) in response to COVID-19

The University of Queensland Union (UQU) wishes to brief its staff, students, stakeholders and the entire student community at the University of Queensland about our response to COVID-19 and how it may impact the student experience.

Our highest concern at this time is the wellbeing of the entire University community. That includes our members, staff and all students.
Regardless of whether and when the University authorises any shutdown, it is clear that the potential spread of COVID-19 will significantly impact the UQU’s normal operations.

UQU’s executive and management team have together worked through responses that balance necessary precaution with our role in providing diverse services to students and staff on campus. At every stage we have remained in close contact with the University.

UQU relies on the revenue from our retail and hospitality operations, as well as on SSAF and other funding from the University. The loss of revenue from these operations will have a significant negative impact on the UQU’s finances this year, however UQU is taking steps to minimise these losses wherever possible to maintain our long term financial viability.

Student Advocacy and Support

Our approach to the uncertainty we all face in the coming months is reduced face to face campus support services such as Student Advocacy and Support as far as possible.

Should the University suspend classes at any time, Student Advocacy and Support services will continue to be available by phone and skype. Just make an appointment online as you normally would by going online to

We will be following the advice of the State and Federal governments, as well as Qld Health to inform this transition.

UQU Retail and Hospitality Operations

In relation to our retail and hospitality operations on campus, UQU has put in place enhanced hygiene measures to safeguard our community. UQU will also be limiting the face to face retail and hospitality services delivered to students and staff on campus, and will be reducing the opening hours of most of our retail and hospitality outlets (please see attachment for details).

We will be updating these arrangements as necessary during this evolving situation and we request that our members and stakeholders check our social media and our website for the latest information.

UQU Staff

UQU will continue to operate at the St Lucia campus with a skeleton staff arrangement unless the university authorises a university shutdown. UQU will, however be encouraging permanent staff that are not rostered in outlets to consider either taking leave or working from home arrangements where possible.

Not all staff will be able to work from home, so we will be working with these people individually to find a suitable solution that suits their needs and UQU’s.
Thank you for your support and loyalty. If you have any questions, please contact [email protected] and we will respond to your enquiry as soon as possible.

UQU Service Delivery

AS AT 16 MARCH 2020 to 20 MARCH

Glenn Porter

Managing Director

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