Stream Your Way Around the World – Africa & Oceania

It’s time for another installment of Stream Your Way Around the World and this time we’re going to Africa and Oceania!

Just like all globe-trotting adventures, it’s time to bring our journey of virtually travelling around the world to an end. So get comfy, bring your long-haul travel snacks and blanket and let’s make it through the home stretch with some of the best movies set in Africa and Oceania.



Morocco – Hideous Kinky

Excuse the weird title, but take some time to experience Morocco, specifically Marrakech, in its true glory. Told through the eyes of Bea, Ester’s youngest of two daughters, the sisters experience an adventure as they move to Morocco from London. Every aspect of Marrakech is on full display throughout this movie, from the architecture and scenery, all the way down to the traditions and culture. You’ll feel like you’ve just come back from a long holiday in Morocco after watching this movie.


The Democratic Republic of the Congo – The Legend of Tarzan

Showcasing the beauty of the dense jungles, the African Savannah, and the majestic wildlife, Tarzan will transport you to the heart of the African jungle in the Democratic Republic of Congo. After being raised by an ape, Tarzan (or John Clayton) eventually left Africa to return to his parents’ home country of England. Now follow Tarzan as he is called back to his former home in the jungle to investigate the activities at a mining encampment.


Egypt – Raiders of the Lost Ark

Here is another Indiana Jones movie to bring out the wanderlust, but this time for the beautiful city of Cairo and Tanis. You will instantly fall in love with the city of Cairo, the rooftop panoramic views of the city, the stone buildings, and the colourful hustle and bustle of the markets. Just as they say in the movie, it truly is “a paradise on earth”! Also, follow Indie to the “Lost City” of Tanis where you will witness the beautiful displays of Tanis’s royal tombs which have yielded artifacts on par with the treasures of Tutankhamun. Although the ark was never hidden, the sandstorm didn’t happen, and the Nazis never battled Indiana Jones in the site’s ruins – it’s still fun to travel in Indie’s shoes from the comfort of your couch!


South Africa – Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom

Delve into the history of South Africa with this movie based on South African President, Nelson Mandela’s autobiography which chronicles his fight against apartheid in South Africa. Follow his journey as he lands in prison for 27 years and then finally being released and continuing the fight to eventually becoming President of South Africa and working to rebuild the country’s once segregated society. The film allows you to explore the historically rich parts of South Africa from Robben Island, where Mandela was imprisoned (which is now a museum), the Transkei Hills where the anti-apartheid revolution grew, and Cape Town, where Mandela gave his famous inauguration speech. You’ll learn almost as much about the history of South Africa and Mandela in this movie as you would if you went to a museum there!


Botswana – A United Kingdom

Virtually explore the No 1 travel destination of 2016, Botswana, through ‘A United Kingdom’. You’ll experience Botswana in its true form with vast exotic expanses, the simple mud huts of its people, and the sunsets and long horizons that show the serene yet challenging natural beauty of this African country. Based on the true story of a love that shook an empire, King Seretse Khama and his loving, but controversial marriage puts his kingdom into political and diplomatic turmoil. Now, two people from contrasting places must fight the odds to maintain their love and help their people.


Uganda – Queen of Katwe

This one is for all you Disney lovers out there. The movie Queen of Katwe is a feel-good movie about a young girl born into poverty when suddenly her world is flipped upside down after being introduced to the game of chess . The movie is heartfelt and real, and although it is a Disney movie, it does not shy away from the harsh truth of slum life in Uganda. Experience the beautiful colours and landscapes of Uganda and immerse yourself in the culture. The movie is even aided by a soundtrack filled with local flavour, it will encompass you completely. This movie will not disappoint in providing you with a real feel of Uganda and all it has to offer.



Vanuatu – Tanna

Set on the beautiful Pacific Island of Vanuatu, venture into the untouched rainforests, explore the lush tropical beaches and come face-to-face with the ancient Yakel tribe. Whilst you emerge yourself in the beauty of this island, follow the heartfelt story of a sister’s loyalty, the pact between the old and new ways, and a forbidden love affair.


New Zealand – Hunt for the Wilderpeople

We all know New Zealanders for their easy-going attitudes, so it only fits to have this comedy-drama as a way to virtually escape to New Zealand. Not only does it perfectly depict the nature of its people but it also beautifully showcases the magical landscapes filled with thick, lush greenery that will bring you a sense of wonderment. So sit down, get comfortable, and follow Ricky and grumpy Uncle Hec into the wilderness for a trek of a lifetime as a national manhunt is ordered to find them.


Australia – Top End Wedding

You can’t finish off a trip around the world without appreciating the beauty of your own country, and that’s why we’ve saved this one till last! Top End Wedding definitely ticks off all the boxes when portraying everything that the Northern Territory truly encapsulates. As you follow Lauren and Ned of their ten-day adventure to find Lauren’s mother before pulling off the wedding of their dreams, experience Australia like never before. Witness the Aboriginal culture and traditions first hand, explore the ancient beauty of the World Heritage-listed Kakadu National Park, cruise down the majestic Nitmiluk Gorge and admire the landscapes the Tiwi Islands have to offer. There truly is no place like home, especially when Australia has so much to offer.


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