How to prepare for assessment time 

It’s that time of year – with the last few weeks of semester bringing about your final assessments and exams. Preparing early is a great way to feel more confident about your work. Here are some of our tips on preparing for your assessments!  

Develop an assessment calendar 

Whether you use a physical calendar, a diary planner or your phone, schedule in your assessment dates as soon as you know them. Once you have these in your calendar, you can work backwards and schedule aside time to work on these assessments, such as research time, drafting, editing, or reviewing. This will help you keep on track and make time for each of your units. It can also help you prioritise which assessment may need more time in terms of its weighting or how confident you are in that unit.  


Review and understand the assessment’s task and criteria 

You don’t want to look like this guy!  

Making sure you know what the assessment is asking of you and what to expect. This should be able to be found in Blackboard under your unit’s assessment section. Read through the task description, and look through the criteria sheet to see what they want from you. This can also help you with direction if you’re unsure of how to start your assessment!  


Schedule your study/assessment blocks, as well as breaks 

It’s easy to get carried away when you’re in the zone, but it’s also easy to burn out. Be realistic about your study techniques and work – studying for 10 hours straight isn’t the best! Make sure you’re also scheduling in break times, social times and if you’re someone who forgets, even meal and water times.  


Ask for help  

Anything you’re unsure of? Reach out to your tutors and unit coordinators if you’re unsure about certain parts of the assessment, ask them for clarification. Your unit may also have a current Facebook group/chat made for it for students to connect and ask each other questions so have a look! Student Advocacy and Support also provide help and guidance on academic matters, just make a booking to get in touch with one of our team!  


Treat yourself 

Reward yourself for the hard work you’ve put into your assessment! Whether it’s spending time with your friends, heading to the Reddo or just watching Netflix, you deserve it. 

Try implementing these tips for this upcoming assessment time. Good luck!  

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