Your guide to travelling with a camper

Your adventure starts here! Experience the freedom to explore Australia at your own pace.

Book a JUCY campervan rental

Find budget-friendly, reliable and easy to drive rentals with JUCY. Plus, if you’re at least 18 years and over with a Green P Plate licence or above, you are good to go!

Plan to take the scenic route

You’ll no doubt want to explore as many beaches, coastal towns, and national parks that tickle your fancy so plan your dream road trip ahead of time. If you’re going to travel rurally, you’ll need to check for the closest petrol station and aim to park up before dark to avoid Kangaroos on the roads.

Save money whilst exploring

When you explore with a campervan, you have your car and accommodation cost all in one. Plus, you can save on eating out with storing groceries in your campervan fridge and cooking with the equipment all included with your JUCY rental.

Pack your belongings in a bag and not a suitcase

JUCY vans have more than enough space to comfortably fit both you and your belongings but maximise your space by packing a soft bag so you can easily move it around.

Safety first

JUCY is a COVID Clean practicing business so you can book your campervan with confidence knowing we are all about keeping it clean.

If you’re planning on travelling interstate, it’s good to familiarise yourself with the road rules applicable to the areas where you’ll be going as they can vary between states.

Make sure you take enough breaks, there will be plenty of rest stops along the way. Plus, JUCY campers have great beds for taking a nap too.

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