That’s why the good ol’ hot chip has become a staple of #unilife. Not to mention they are one of the tastiest creations on Earth!

So, help us settle the debate for once and for all – where are the best hot chips on campus?



The Beer Battered Chips at the REDOOM are tossed in a special seasoning recipe that has been around for years, developed by our chef. It also comes with your choice of aioli, BBQ sauce, tomato sauce or sweet chilli. Definitely a strong contender.

Best Hot Chips on Campus_REDROOM Beer Battered Chips


  1. Main Course

When you just want a tasty Hot Chip without the fancy schmancy, then Main Course is the place to find them. Tossed in chicken salt with some tomato sauce or gravy if you prefer, Main Course is usually the go-to.

Best Hot Chips on Campus_Main Course Hot Chips


  1. Pizza Caffe

Possibly the dark horse in the race, are the Curly Fries from Pizza Caffe. Served with your choice of truffle mayo, aioli, peri peri mayo or tomato sauce.

Best Hot Chips on Campus_Pizza Caffe Curly Fries

  1. Darwin’s

Skin on or skin off? That is the question. The Hand Cut Chips at Darwin’s are a skin on rustic style chunky chip that will remind you of homemade chips. Served with aioli, we think this one will be hard to beat on taste.

Best Hot Chips on Campus_Darwin's Hand Cut Chips