5 Secrets for Success that Every Uni Student Should Know

Every semester Student Advocacy & Support has contact with many students experiencing stress that is impacting on their studies. A lot of cases involve little issues that have been ignored in favour of other pressing issues like ensuring that they are getting study done.

While it’s important to make sure you stay on top of study, the problem with handling things in this way is that often these small individual niggly issues begin to compound. Eventually they go from small manageable problems, to overwhelming issues that are having a negative impact on your life. Often this means that you become so preoccupied with the hulking pile of stress that your studies are impacted anyway. It’s important to remember that if you aren’t addressing your own needs first, most other aspects of your life, including your studies will probably be impacted.

Here are the top 5 secrets for success that you should know for your time at uni!

Managing Stress

Stress can have all kinds of crazy effects on your body including poor sleep, reduced concentration and less capacity to retain information, which can all have an impact on your studies. It’s important to regularly destress so you are able to study effectively. Meditation, exercise or just taking some time to chill out are all good ways to relax. Take a look at our Signs of Stress article for some helpful advice.

Budgeting Your Money

Having enough money while you study is a constant battle for students, make sure you have explored all of your options with Centrelink payments or UQ scholarships you may be eligible for. Or why not chat to one of SAS’s advocates to get tips on applying for jobs?

Finding Your Work/Life Balance

Everybody wants to do well at their studies but it’s important to make sure you find a balance between study and having fun. Too much study can lead to burnout and being over stressed while too much fun can mean you fall behind with your uni work. It’s a good idea to ensure you schedule equal time to work and play into your week.

Healthy Living

Making sure you are staying healthy is vital to getting through the semester, not eating a balanced diet or not getting enough exercise can lead to a weakened immune system, lethargy and stress make sure you take the time to look after your physical health to avoid getting sick and needing to take time off from study and potentially falling behind.

Seeking Help

One of the biggest mistakes student’s make is waiting until all of their problems have gotten so bad that they are unmanageable. Once you are at this point your studies usually get neglected and your grades suffer. If there is anything that you find is causing you stress or affecting your life or study book an appointment with one of the SAS advocates, we can help with welfare and wellbeing issues that are causing you stress, becoming job ready, legal issues, understanding university policies and procedures, migration issues and someone to talk to about gender and sexuality issues.

To give yourself the best chance of doing well, make sure that you address all of these issues early. It’s also helpful to ensure you reassess often and put plans into place to continue to monitor and address any issues that arise throughout the semester. SAS has a team of professionals who can help you to address a wide range of issues impacting your studies including

Remember that early intervention is key to successfully keeping on track. If you are noticing that there are any issues that are causing you stress, no matter how small, make an appointment to chat with one of our advocates at SAS who can help you to inform you of options, address issues, plan for possibilities and implement strategies to get you on your road to success.


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