Top 5 Reasons to Be On Campus  

We’ve got the top tips for you to get involved with UQ campus life.

Campus life has definitely changed over the past year (thanks COVID-19!), and sometimes, you would just rather stay home. We get it.  

But for the everyday student, we know it can get a little boring sometimes, and maybe being cooped up in your room isn’t the best for you. So we’ve brought you the Top 5 Reasons to Be On Campus right now!  


Grab a slice of Brisbane’s 3rd Best Pizza at Pizza Caffe 

A uni campus outlet having the 3rd Best Pizza in Brisbane? Sounds too good to be true! Pizza Caffe was voted the 3rd best in 2020 by the Courier Mail, thanks to their deliciously fresh artisanal pizza. The prices are affordable (and with a cheeky extra 10% off with UQU Rewards card holders), and there’s great options for meat and vegetarian pizzas.  

Pizza Caffe is also doing their annual All You Can Eat Pizza event on the 22nd of September. Bookings are essential – so if you want a pizza this – you can find more info about the event here 


Extended hours at the Reddo + Food and Drinks Specials

Take a break and visit the REDROOM for good drinks, good food and good vibes. The REDDO currently has extended hours and cheap food and drink specials such as ½ Price Burgers with any Beverage purchase from 2pm – 4pm daily.  

For music lovers, they’ve got Live and Local artists playing on Fridays – so drop by for some great tunes!  


Socialise and Meet People 

We know it’s hard to meet people in your classes, but socialising at uni is the best way to meet likeminded individuals – whether it’s in your degree, in a club or society that aligns with your interests, or just in general events!  

We have over 200+ affiliated clubs and societies that have regular meetings and host events, and there’s sure to be something for you! UQ Union also hosts regular events for socialising, making new friends or just having fun. You can check out our events here.  


Be mesmerised by local UQ artists with UQU’s Art Exhibition 

We’re showcasing your local student talent with UQ Union’s Art Exhibition as part of our Arts & Culture Festival!  

Ponder over the depth and creativity of an art piece, take some aesthetic museum pics, or just admire the work as it is at the Union Hub. You can also get involved with our DIY colouring and art station!  

 Find out more about our Arts & Culture Festival here

Get involved with your Student Union  

Want your voice heard? The Student Execs of UQ Union are here to listen!  

Get involved in student democracy at UQ and make sure your wants and needs are being heard. Our student union represent you, and want to make sure your student experience at UQ is a great one.  

You can get involved with our events, volunteer your time to help other students or keep an eye out for Union council meetings on the union noticeboard page here 



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