Ways to Look After Yourself in Quarantine

Quarantine can be an isolating time. It can be easy to become a couch potato; watching Netflix and spending all day falling down social media rabbit holes. It disrupts your routines, and for some people can make them feel anxious about everything that is going on in the world creating an unhelpful mindset. 

It’s useful to look at situations like this in a different light, rather than being a time of boredom and negativity why not look at this as an opportunity to dedicate some time to looking after yourself. The good thing about quarantine is it gives you the gift of time; time that we wouldn’t usually have in our busy lives. It’s an opportunity we can use to focus on our own wellbeing and reconnect with ourselves. 

Here’s a few tips on how to look after yourself in quarantine:

  • It can be easy to use the time in isolation to sit on social media or watch TV. While this is good for connecting with people and filling up those hours of sitting at home, it can also be easy to get saturated with negative information and images, and this can impact on anxiety levels. Try to use more of this time instead to start new projects. Do things you might not have done before or things that you use to do but don’t have the time for anymore. Do that 2000 piece puzzle, paint that picture, knit that scarf, call your family or friends, spruce up your garden. Things that give you a sense of achievement will help you feel like you are doing something productive with your time 
  • Keep a routine. Get up at the same time every day (even if it is a little later than your usual time, because let’s face it, opportunities to sleep in a little like this don’t come up often). Make sure you shower and change out of your pyjamas. Set aside time in the day to do things that are productive. Eat meals at the same times and try to go to bed around the same times. Routine is helpful for your mental health and helps to maintain your body clock, which in turn is helpful for your physical health too. 
  • Use this opportunity to practice self care. One thing quarantine gives you is time. Why not use that time to reconnect with yourself? Do some yoga, meditate or make some homemade face masks and give yourself a spa day. 
  • Being stuck at home and not being able to get out and be active can have huge impacts on your mental wellbeing. Try to find ways to be active every day, whether its cleaning the house, playing with your dog in the back yard, or doing a home workout.

Whatever you do, do something you enjoy that revitalises you and makes you feel good.

If you are in quarantine and struggling with the isolation and want to talk, make an appointment with a SAS welfare advocate. 

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Every semester Student Advocacy & Support has contact with many students experiencing stress that is impacting on their studies. A lot of cases involve little issues that have been ignored in favour of other pressing issues like ensuring that they are getting study done.

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